ART OF EARS  recording studio

Recording  /  Mixing  /  CD Mastering  /  Hayward California

The Studio consists of 4 isolated recording rooms, all with eye contact. A live mid sized isolated recording area (16x18x12), an absorptive mid sized isolated area (16x13x12), a small isolated room (10x12x12), an isolated vocal booth (8x12x12), and a spacious control room (23x16x12) that can seat 9. We like to record drums in the larger live room, using as much ambiance as possible, while isolating any amps vocals or horn sections in the other rooms while tracking.


The studio is wired so that musicians can physically be in the same room with the drums while tracking with their amps isolated, or even 1 or 2 musicians playing in the control room, with their amps isolated in one of the other 3 rooms.


We have a large assortment of Marshall & Fender amps and speaker cabinets, a 6’ Grand Piano, a Premier birch drum set, and numerous effects pedals, all of which can be used at no extra charge.



Call 510 887 4612



Gold & Platinum recording engineer/producer, Andy “Andro” Ernst, is our engineer. There are no additional charges for his services. If you want him to produce as well as engineer, you will have to negotiate production terms with him. (Usually a small percentage of royalties after an agreed upon number of units have been sold.) 



From the beginning we’ve tried to make high quality affordable to everyone. While many studios feel the need to own every possible piece of recording equipment in order to stay competitive, we don’t. The studios that do, have to charge you for all that equipment that you may never use, or they’ll go out of business. We try to have just enough of the best possible gear, to get the best possible product, at the best possible price.

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