The Studio consists of a large live recording area (15x18x12), plus a small tuned semi-isolated room (10x12x12), an isolated vocal room, (7x12x12), another isolated room, (16x12x12), a spacious control room (23x16x12), a kitchenette, and a lounge. We like to record drums and acoustical instruments in the big live room, using as much ambiance as possible, while semi isolating any amps while tracking. We have a large assortment of vintage outboard gear,  musical instruments, speaker cabinets and effects pedals that can be used at no extra charge.
We don’t require you to book 12 hours of time to get the “block rate.” After about 9 hours, most people are worn out. If you want to record 12 hours at a time, that’s fine, but after 9 hours of work we go into overtime mode unless you are using your own engineer. See rates
Andy “Andro” Ernst has recorded all of the groups listed on this site, as well as producing many of them. If you want him to produce as well as engineer, you will have to negotiate production terms with him. (Usually a small percentage after an agreed amount of units have been sold.)
From the beginning we have tried to make high quality affordable to everyone. While many studios feel they need to own every possible recording medium in order to stay competitive, we don’t. The studios that do, have to charge you for all that equipment that you never use, or they’ll go out of business. We try to have just enough of the best possible gear, to get the best possible product, at the best possible price.
Analog vs. Digital
Don't believe the hype unless you can hear it. First of all, everything we've recorded since 1992 has been digital. While some aspects of analog are great, its time is running out. Digital is more economical and is getting better every day. While many digital recordings do sound thin or brittle, the IZ Technology Radar's sound has been described as comparable to analog by analog purists themselves. High quality digital converters are the key.
Control Room
Control Room
Control Room
Control Room